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J-ADD Blog
Why I Donated to J-ADD
By: Josh Anderson  -  4/12/2013
My name is Josh Anderson, and I am a frequent donor to J-ADD. As I approached retirement, I realized I wanted to find a way to give back to my community. I made donations to various organizations and volunteered with several agencies, but I just could not find a good “fit” for what I was trying to achieve. I had yet to find something I was truly passionate about. Then, I heard about J-ADD.

J-ADD appealed to me for a very specific reason. My nephew, Edward, has autism. My brother and his wife live close to me in a New Jersey suburb, and I spend a lot of time with all three of them. It is clear to me that caring for Edward requires significant time and resources.

J-ADD has reached out to my brother and his wife, and I am appreciative of their support.

Over these last few months, I have seen Edward grow in this tight-knit yet inclusive community. We attend different support groups and recreational activities. J-ADD has also been helpful in informing us about future opportunities regarding residential care and employment options.

This is why I have decided to contribute to the special needs community through J-ADD. Not only do I have a personal connection to their mission, I know they operate the agency with sincerity, humility, and generosity. J-ADD even pledges to use at least 95% of financial contributions for direct programming purposes, so I know I am making a difference .
Interning at J-ADD
By: Sarah Jordan -  4/6/2013
My name is Sarah Jordan and I am excited to be a student intern at J-ADD. I attended the University of Maryland where I received my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I studied for a semester in Jerusalem, Israel. After graduating from college, I volunteered and worked for American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). I am currently working towards getting my master’s degree in Social Work from Morgan State University.

I approached J-ADD because it is a great way for me to combine my passion of being part of the Jewish community with my desire for helping other people. Giving back has always been an essential part of my life, and I cannot wait to feel the fulfillment I get from J-ADD. I am eager to form relationships with the people J-ADD serves, their families, and the community in general. I also look forward to connecting with the staff members and volunteers, since we share an ambition for serving others. I plan on visiting J-ADD’s different residential homes and specifically working with Flowers by J-ADD.

I am just a few days into my internship, but I feel this is a great opportunity. My involvement with J-ADD will probably extend well into my future, and I am excited to get started!
Updates from the Group Home
By: Group Home Manager-  4/1/2013
As a group home manager, I have the pleasure of interacting with J-ADD members everyday. These last few weeks have been particularly busy. First, there were three birthdays this month--Steve, Alyssa, and staff member, Jen. Needless to say, we planned and partied with pizza and cake! Their family members also joined in on the festivities.

Alyssa also went on a weekend trip through one of J-ADD’s programs. She took a bus to Philadelphia and was able to visit the many historic sites. She came back with stories about the Liberty Bell and William Penn, and she also tried to recruit others to join her next time.

Robert has been working with a new volunteer, Simon. They meet every Wednesday, and based on Robert’s stories, he is learning new and exciting activities. Simon’s help is appreciated and we can definitely tell Robert is enjoying his company.

Kevin is keeping busy with his job at Flowers by J-ADD. One day, he even brought back some flowers for the house, which everyone appreciated. He continues to work hard, and he plans on visiting his cousin in New York soon so he is saving up!

Next month, we all look forward to a trip to see Oklahoma, which was arranged by the Paper Mill Theater. There are also new volunteers joining us shortly and we can not wait to meet them! I will be sure to post the latest updates in a few weeks!